More visitors, wider reach

Leipzig Pleased With Second Successful Caggtus

With 17,300 visitors, the second Caggtus significantly exceeded last year's success. The reach on Twitch also increased significantly, and a date for 2025 has already been confirmed.

Stephan Steininger08.04.2024 07:13
Leipziger Messe Caggtus 2024
Leipziger Messe/Niclas Schmidt

Leipzig is and remains a good place for gaming. According to the Leipziger Messe (Leipzig Trade Fair), a total of 17,300 visitors attended the second Caggtus Leipzig last weekend. The community festival, which is built around what is claimed to be Germany's largest LAN party, attracted around 14,800 visitors in 2023. The reach on Twitch also increased significantly. Last year, content creators with a total of around five million Twitch followers were present. In 2024, this figure had already risen to eight million followers.